Mission Statement


Norwalk is a great community with dozens of parks, ball fields, and a more publicly accessible waterfront than any other town in Connecticut. But it is hard to get from one neighborhood to another, our bike lanes are scattered, our sidewalks inaccessible, and overall, the city is not friendly to pedestrians even in our most commercial and urban areas!  We believe that the well-being of residents is more important than preserving parking spots or the freedom of trucks and cars to speed down streets. A city with sidewalks that work for pedestrians is better for business, better for living, and better for all.

Our mission is to transform Norwalk so that our neighborhoods are more walkable, economically vibrant, connected, and affordable. We envision a community moresupportive of recreation and with greater access to a cleaner, greener Norwalk Harbor. We want to help foster a culture that prioritizes pedestrian safety and access to parks and waterways. We support better land use and a street design that focuses on pedestrians not cars.

We advocate for wider sidewalks, protected bicycle/mobility lanes, more crosswalks, and traffic calming measures such as narrower car lanes, curb extensions, pedestrian islands, and many more street trees. We support human-scaled mixed-use development, parking reform, and zoning reform that contribute to walkable neighborhoods, safe streets for walking/biking.